H Series Feature :


Highest reliability and economic benefits.
Two stages compression.
Effective cooling fans design to highly reduce the compression temperature.
Durable cast iron crankshaft and pump - excellent wear-resistance .
User-friendly: easy operation and maintenance.
High working pressure.
Various options for different application.
Two different type:


”P” type (pressure switch system )
The automatic pressure switch will stop and start the compressor according to air demand.It is normally recommended for intermittent operation and smaller compressor units.
”U” type (automatic unloader system)
The automatic unloading system allows for the control of loaded and unloaded compressor states through a range of pre-set pressure values.This system is recommended where the duty cycle exceeds 50%,and for all larger compressors units.

Model Motor
(kg/cm2 )  
Tank Capacity

Dimension (mm)
L x W x H


HVP(U)-203 3 16 237 270 1450x550x1100 205
HVP(U)-205 5 16 237 406 1450x550x1100 225
HWP(U)-307 7.5 16 237 606 1450x640x1150 260
HWP(U)-310 10 16 237 786 1450x640x1150 262
HVP(U)-215 15 12 300 1064 2230x800x1400 515
HVP(U)-230 30 12 300 2464 2600x900x1250 765
*Different pressure, discharge air volume and driven type are also available on enquiry.

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