Air Compressor
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SWAN has been a recognized leader in the manufacturing and marketing of Air Compressor for half a century, serving many of the industrial users in all corners of the globe.


Product quality guaranteed through the application of modem technology such as CAD/CAM that is used in all functions from product development, modeling and design, right through to the manufacturing process.

Highly efficient and durable valve assembles are provided through the use of special material treatments and high precision grinding processes.

High quality and consistent components are maintained through the use of Numerically Controlled Machine Centers which typically are capable of cpmpleting a finished surface in a single pass.

All metal surfaces in compressor units are prepared by initially shot blasing, followed by the application of powder coating to ensure you of a bright, durable and environmentally friendly surface protection.

"We believe our leadership of air compressors will be a strong growth driver in the future."

We have the advanced manufacturing facilities in Asia and is rapidly expanding its manufacturing capabilities to other parts of the world. We takes much pride in our quality control and product testing. It resulted in the excellent products customers have come to expect.

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