• BST series
  • Swan air compressor BST series is specially designed for making PET bottles, drilling wells or clamping tools. The flexible high/ low air pressure design and enforced lubricating oil system can endure long last and high efficient operation.


    BST series 

         No Base Foundation And Cooling Water Problems
         The design of common Base with anti-vibration Stands can provide stable operation and convenient installation.
         Air-cool type design: The big air cooling fan can provide affluent cooling air for the Unit and no extra Coolers needed.
High Efficiency, To Produce Much  More High Pressure Air
         The air booster, which sucks in dried compressed air , can produce much more high pressure air than those multi-stage compressors do.
         Booster is much more than the same size of general air compressor’s , which will result in much more air discharge quantity.
         Comprehensive Protection And Dual Control System
         Either automatic operation or continuous operation is changeable by alternating , based on your air consumption quantity.
         Overload protection or lower oil pressure protection.
         The idle running design before completely stop, and soft starting , can reduce worn-out of the related parts.

Lower Capital Cost
Flexible air compressor system designed to generate high pressure air by sucking in the existing low pressure air in the plant. No need to equip with two sets of independent high-pressure and low pressure Units to save the cost.
Robust Structure With Enforced Lubricating System
Oil pump enforced lubricating system with low-oil pressure protection to ensure running parts to be well lubricated.SWAN booster is equipped with oil filter device to ensure clean lubricant.  All the key components of the Booster, such as crankcase, cylinders, connecting rods, crank shaft…etc, are all well designed with high grade material to make them robust and long lasting. 
Save Space And Easy Maintenance
Low noise, no need of installation foundation, can freely set up the booster at any suitable place. Air-cooled SWAN Booster with compact size design, is able to save more than 50% installation space. Heavy-load resistant design, simple construction, and automatic oil recovery system, enable to make maintenance easier and long-lasting operation.  


        Comparison Between SWAN BST Series Booster And General Compressors

                 Configuration Reference

Air compressor
Air tank (1)
Main filter
Air dryer
Micro filter
Automatic drain valve
Air filter
Safety valve
Check valve
Air tank (2)
Air system (high pressure)