• TS series
  • SWAN Screw Compressor TS Series are equipped with high efficient Airend , robust electric motor, precise oil filter, modular air suction system , and friendly control panel..etc, to make the whole unit performance outstanding and remarkable.

              Superior Performance, Highest Reliability‧Powerful‧Low Noise‧High Reliability

               Humanized Design / Powering The Future
               SWAN screw air compressors are equipped with high performance motors, 
               advanced controllers, rigid structure design, and excellent cooling air circulating.


               High Levels Of Distinctive Modular Design
              ‧With distinctive modular design and friendly operating
                 system, the new developed TS series is able to provide
                 reliable operation, quiet running, and easy maintenance.
                 Its high efficient air-end is dependable under long period
                 of continuous operation.

Powerful And Quiet Running
‧High rigid structure with anti-noise and high efficient
   air circulation system to ensure silent and continuous
   running capability.


               Versatile And User Friendly Control System
              ‧The machine is equipped with versatile module control, 
                 user friendly operation controller, multi-units remote 
                 control and overload protection device… etc., which
                 make it easy to operate and maintain.

Easy Maintenance
‧Easy to access to all related components, make trouble-
   shooting and general maintenance easy.


Light、compact design
All the core components, such as intake valve, air end and
combination valve, are combining into one compact design
unit. The modern design reduces the leakage possibility and
install with latest inverter drive technology. Providing energy
saving and stable performance.


The Airend

The reliable Airend is with the most advanced Rotary design to

reach high efficient, Low noise and Low vibration.

       The friendly control panel has the
       following features:
          1. Protective functions against motor short- circuit,
              seized, lose phase, overload, unbalance.. etc. 
          2. Protective function against motor reverse rotation.
          3. Multi-points pressure and temperature monitoring
             and protective control.
          4. Automatic control ON/OFF of the Cooling Fan.
          5. Displaying the actual running condition through
             the screen.
          6. with Remote control function.
          7.With multi- units integrated function.
          8. With RS-485 mutual telecommunication function.
          9. Record and display historic Error messages.
             Can display the latest 5 sets of record.

Save maintenance cost

The compact structure design makes routine maintenance and service simple and easy.


High efficient power transmission system

Equipped with automatic belt tension adjusting mechanism to maintain

the best power transmission between the motor and the Airend during

running the Unit. Prolong the belt and bearings’ service life and save

the maintenance cost.


Low vibration and low noise

1.Equipped with shock absorbers under the Base Frame to make smooth

   running, low vibration and low noise.
2.The sheet metal around the air-intake area is mounted with Noise

   Barrier and noise absorption material to effectively reduce the noise. 

3.The precise Airend has been well dynamically balanced to guarantee

   low vibration.     


            1.Very compact design, less pipings , less pressure loss, easy to do
            2.Use a single Solenoid Valve to execute air release and unloading
            3.Reduce the noise - - During unloading running, the compressed air
               is flowing through the Suction Valve to reduce the noise.
            4.Equipped with Check Valve to prevent oil spraying out when stop
               running suddenly.
            5.Quick Air Release design to greatly reduce loading current and
               safe energy.



 TS Smart Air Power Series Screw Air Compressor

(1)Power Transmitting System
‧High efficient power transmitting mechanism to keep the best belt
   tension under operation.
‧With buffer pads to maintain low vibration and low noise.

(2)Multi-functional Valve Assembly
‧Combine the control valves and oil/air filters into one compact unit
   to save pipings and for easy maintenance.
‧Pipeliue pressure loss is small.

(3)Oil/Air Separator Element
‧To efficiently separate the compressed air from oil.

(4)Excellent Cooling System
‧Combine oil and air cooling element into one compact unit to reach
   high efficient cooling effect.


           The series of compressor is equipped with highly efficient 
           screw air-end, totally enclosed fan-cooled powerful electric
           motor, precise oil filter, oil/air separator element and modulating
           suction regulator…etc, built to a complete unit with perfect
           integration and highest reliable system. 

Fixed Speed Rotary Air Compressor

Air / Oil Flow Diagram









            Compressed Air Cleaning System  Features
           ‧Comprehensive range of filters to meet requirements from different industrial users.
           ‧We supply different grade of air filtrating systems tomeet various applications.


           Refrigerated Air Dryer

           High Efficient Heat Exchangers
         ‧Highly grade finned coil type heat exchanger to maximize heat
            transfer by the ample heat exchanging surface.

           Intelligent Microprocessor Control
         ‧Microprocessor control system ensures the stable and quiet
            running; avoids starting/stopping vibration and breakdown.

           Effective & Proven Design
         ‧Heavy duty reliable design which totally meet the working
            requirements under the warm and high humidity ambient
            conditions. Ample heat exchanger and efficient air circuit
            design make the pressure drop to the least.

           Environmental Protection
         ‧Using environmental friendly refrigerant R-407c or R-134a
            for all models. Dependable control system, easy operation,
            solid construction, less maintenance, and highest reliability.

Air Filter

Main Line Filter (ARF)
‧For the removal of dust particles down to 1μm.

Oil Removal Filter (ARB)
‧For the removal of oil vapor down to 0.1ppm.

Micro Filter (ARA)
‧For the removal of microparticles down to 0.01ppm.

Active Carbon Filter (ACA)
‧For the removal of mini oil mist and odor down to 0.003ppm.