• TS series
  • SWAN Screw Compressor TS Series are equipped with high efficient Airend , robust electric motor, precise oil filter, modular air suction system , and friendly control panel..etc, to make the whole unit performance outstanding and remarkable.

The reliable Airend is with the most advanced Rotary design to reach high efficient, Low noise and Low vibration.



1.Protective functions against motor short- circuit, seized,
    lose phase, overload, unbalance.. etc.  
2. Protective function against motor reverse rotation.
3. Multi-points pressure and temperature monitoring and
    protective control.
4. Automatic control ON/OFF of the Cooling Fan.
5. Displaying the actual running condition through the screen.
6. with Remote control function.
7.With multi- units integrated function.
8. With RS-485 mutual telecommunication function.
9. Record and display historic Error messages. Can display the
    latest 5 sets of record.



The compact structure design makes routine maintenance and service simple and easy.

Equipped with automatic belt tension adjusting mechanism to maintain the best
power transmission between the motor and the Airend during running the Unit.
Prolong the belt and bearings’ service life and save the maintenance cost.

1.Equipped with shock absorbers under the Base Frame to make smooth running,
   low vibration and low noise.
2.The sheet metal around the air-intake area is mounted with Noise Barrier and
   noise absorption material to effectively reduce the noise. 
3.The precise Airend has been well dynamically balanced to guarantee low 

1.Very compact design, less pipings , less pressure loss, easy to do maintenance.
2.Use a single Solenoid Valve to execute air release and unloading running.
3.Reduce the noise - - During unloading running, the compressed air is flowing through the Suction Valve to reduce the noise.
4.Equipped with Check Valve to prevent oil spraying out when stop running suddenly.
5.Quick Air Release design to greatly reduce loading current and safe energy.