• TS-AD series
  • Direct Driven Design ‧With flexible coupling and 1:1 direct-drive design, the efficiency of transmission can reach up to 100%, lowering the noise level and vibration, and, thereby, eliminating transmission shocks.



1.High Efficient Cooling Air Circulating Design
‧With cold and hot air separating design to ensure the air
   circulating efficiency and increase its air discharge quantity.
   The cooling air inlet/outlet is with noise-resistant design.

2.Smart Control System
‧Equipped with remote control, multi-machine integrating
   control function , multi-languages, malfunction history
   records and maintenance time management..etc, to make
   it easy to operate.

3.High Efficient Motor
‧With IE3 motor for optimized energy saving and efficiency.
   Motor is with IP54 protection level and F insulation class.

4.High Reliable Inlet Valve
‧Inlet valve can shut down quickly to prevent lubricating
   oil from spraying out when machine stopped.
‧Loading & unloading are controlled by pressure signal
   to adjust air inlet volume and ensure betterenergy-saving 

5.Oil Air Separating System
‧With vertical oil /air tank design and enlarged oil/air
   separator to increase the oil/air separating efficiency.
   Low oil containing in the outlet air will lower the loss of
   lubricating oil.

6.High Efficient Dual-screw Air End
‧With enlarged air end, low operating speed design for
   long lasting service life.
‧High reliability and low maintenance cost.