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  • Remote Electric Control B / FCB-A (*)
  • With frequency inventer and electric reactor to change speed according to different loading condition and start-stop the motor smoothly.



EM-6A Multi-integrating Control System Specialties

1    Integration
‧Flexibly integrate several air supply units in the factory.
‧Can integrate different brands of air compressors together.
    (rebuild the machine if needed)

2    Reliability
‧Choose the main compressor、subsidiary compressors & the
    number of integrated  compressor units according to the variable
    demands. Can do the periodical maintenance to each compressor
    unit anytime independently and ensure the factory to be always
    under normal operation condition with enough compressed air.

3    High Energy Saving
‧Depending on variable compressed air quantities demands in the
    factory during different periods of time every day, this system can
    automatically control the amount of running compressor units
    needed, to reach to the energy saving result.

4    Rotational Function
‧Manually choose any machine to become the main machine
    anytime, or rotate the main machine periodically by timer setting.
    This can make each machine operating evenly and reduce the
    chance of broken-down.

5    Flexible Operation Mode
‧Change to independent operation mode, or multi- integrating
    operation mode anytime.

6    Extend The Quantity Of Integrated Compressor Units
‧The standard multi-integrating control system can integrate up to
    6 compressor units the maximum.

   FCB-A (*) ( Option ):
Applicable to SWAN SN/S(N)C/SD  series with IC Intelligent Control system, for remote multi- integrating control.