• S series
  • SWAN air compressor s series are designed with large displacement, big air tank, low oil pressure protection, powder panting air tank, to achieve durable and long service life



          Heat dissipation is one of the key factors of long-lasting air compressors. 
          The unique structure design of Swan bare compressors, enlarged fan 
          and good heat dissipation metal materials are all other significant factors 
          of prolonging service life.



          Enforced lubrication, lower oil pressure 
          SWAN air compressor S series with horsepower 
          above 15 HP are equipped with special enforced 
          lubricating system,which are capable of running 
          24 hours continuously with start/stop frequently, 
          and under tough working environment. 
         Long-last oil filtering system
         Long-last oil filtering system will provide clean oil every day, no
         need to worry about parts damaged due to dirty oil.
                   Long-last oil
                 filtering system
    Enforced lubricated
       bare compressor


The in-time lubricating and no-load start/stop design enable 
to eliminate wearing damages to all mechanical parts during 
ON/OFF and loading/unloading operations. The friendly 
self-diagnosis control system will monitor exactly the running 
conditions of the remote compressors and is able to self-adjust
the air discharge quantity flexibly due to different air consumption. 
The intelligent design of this multi-protection control system 
enables to prevent any accident from happening in time.


U type:
The compressor will execute loading or unloading operation
automatically through the pre-set pressure values and pressure
release valve. This control model is recommended for those air
compressors whose duty cycle over 50%. 

P type:
To stop and start the compressor by a pre-set pressure switch .
This control model is recommended for intermittent operation
and smaller compressors.
The correct selection of the control model will extend compressor
service life and reduce power consumption.

                     Supplying stable and sufficient compressed air with larger air tank to guarantee no compressed air shortage.
                     The Air Tank is treated with sand blast and powder painting to ensure beautiful outlooking and long lasting.



Bare compressor
Lubricated filtering system
High quality air tank
Water draining from air tank
with patent right
Enlarged cooling fan