• HC series
  • SWAN air compressor HN series are high efficient , two stage with large displacements and smooth operating. Its excellent cooling air circulation system will prolong service life and save more costs.


           Insist on the best and prestige
           comes from 60 years’ experience
           and persistence.
              SWAN air compressors has been devoting to the
              development, production and rigorous quality control 
              of all types of air compressors since its establishment
              in 1956. SWAN air compressors are used in a wide 
              range of industries and get well-known reputation of
              high guality, reliability and durability.


              SWAN is dedicated to providing
           a full products line and to satisfy
           diverse customers’ needs.


Prestige comes from 60-years experience
and persistence.
Super performance with low noise level.

Comfortable Working Environment At Low Noise
●Perfect anti-noise design with rigid frame structure
  to reduce the working noise efficiently.
Noble Appearance And Easy-Maintain Design
●The smooth arc-angled canopy with powder painting
  provide a durable, smooth and clean shell outlooking.
●The coordination of centralized service points and
  consumable parts with adjustable belt-tension mechanism.
Advanced Design; Excellent Performance
●Enforced lubricating system with on/off unloading design.
  Greatly reduce the possible wearing of the moving parts.
●Equipped with after-cooler system to provide high quality
  air and save energy cost.
Smart Control System
●Intelligent and flexible control system enables to change
  to different running mode automatically to save energy.
  Simple “one touch” to execute all required operations.

           Special Features of Swan’s N TYPE

           Full combination of professional and unique
           technical design to lubricate all running parts
           inside  the pump with enforced clean oil.
             ●Special oil carried inside the crankshaft to ensure
               sufficient and clean lubrication.
             ●Built-in enforced lubricating system to guarantee
               full lubrication without failure.
             ●Long-last oil filter and oil capillary pipes to ensure
               the supply of clean oil.

          (1)Well Spread Oil Film
          (2)Oil Pressure Gauge
          (3)Provide Immediate Lubrication
                    With lubricant being always kept and pumped
                    throughout the whole lubricating system.
             (4)Oil Pump
                    Greatly reducing oil consumption by supplying
                    appropriate lubricant.
            (5)Simple And Concise Appearance 
                    With built-in lubricating mechanism.
            (6)Powerful Cooling Fan
         (7)Oil Capillary Pipe
                   To provide clean lubricants. Equipped with oil filter and
                   guide-piping to extend the service life of running parts.
            (8)Enforced-lubrication Crankshaft



High efficient two stage compression design will
offer more powerful and stable compressed air.

24 Hours Continuous Running
Enforced Lubricated Bare Compressor
This series of products are able to
execute 24 hours continuous running with
start/stop frequently,and heavy loading.


(1)High Efficient Valve Assy
(2)Precise Oil Pressure Switch
       Oil alert ─ avoid any possibility of the compressor
       being blocked due to failure in lubricating.
(3)Long-lasting Oil Filter
       Ensure clean lubricating oil by equipping with oil filter.
(4)Crankcase With Ample
       Oil reservoir Design 


               SWAN Silent Compressors
               are developed and equipped with extremely running
               quiet mechanism.
               Totally integrates with the optimum system solution
               to meet your top notch requirements.

               Facilities for making hi-tech products,
               workplaces on the overnight shift,
               silent working environment.

            (1)Enforced Oil Lubricating System
            (2)Adjustable Belt-tension Mechanism
            (3)After Cooler
            (4)Quick Lift-off Door
            (5)Smart Controller



Advanced anti-noise design
SWAN air compressor insists on using the
best soundproof steel sheet metal and thick
sponge to insulate most of the noise and
stand up the unit steadily on the ground.





            Smart Controller
                ●The distinctive and high efficient design enable to 
                  eliminate wearing damages to all mechanical parts 
                  during ON/OFF and loading / unloading operations.
                ●The user friendly control system can monitor exactly
                  the running conditions of the remote compressors.
                ●Intelligent control system is able to self-adjust to
                  execute automatic or semi-automatic control mode.
                ●Multiple protective system and intimate design to
                  completely meet customers’ requirements.
                ●Simple and visible indicator lights.